Accepting Marginalized Professionals

Now with regard to marginalized professionals, we say that the latter pay them salaries that are a little beyond the minimum wage. But a series of taxes well protected by the laws of any nation, should be responsible to bring those salaries to a condition close to the minimum wage. Therefore the latter does not reach out of their condition, professional workers. Those who succeed do so on random fortune, for a lifetime of luxury and denial to any stacking capital. By cunning or effort.

But please note that the need and poverty of the inhabitants, often ends with the effort. Of the two beasts say. That there is no state land who wants the sword to kill them, metaphorically speaking. I refer to alcohol, cigarette, or Tobacco. Which ultimately end up destroying families and health.

This kind of economic system. Pass over any citizen, since it represents a completely infinite value and valuable for industry, trade, economy and the boldest of them all, politics. Above all, get to see on a throne of sand, the god “power.” That everything moves. That all I can. But his coolness has no limit, injustice is the first ally. And many allies that arise from this genre. An entire planet was not enough, natural resources were not sufficient, much less the maximum. And every good rule was scrapped. Greed, corruption and vanity. They go crazy for all men, from the youngest to the oldest. But justice will bring the essence of good to his virtue will lower time. noble sentiments, wisdom turn teach that most grandeur and dignity. Is in a strenuous practice of holiness. Which is the most difficult of all virtues. Since our human nature clings easily to vices. But If you look at the men from time to time, we see that there are still many families in the villages. Helping their neighbors as themselves. They seek to love one another. I am not referring to the churches. I speak in general. Both in them, and out of them. In every place and time, there will be righteous. Thus ended this slight exposure, with a beautiful smile. No I can only tell you whether they can succeed. Know how to wisely manage their powerful monopolies. And never forget their roots. Since call them lifted. And the earth is full of them. Let us be brothers in action, not religion. That illuminates your soul and divinity coracles.