Francisco Camps

Although the popular have lost almost four points of the percentage of votes compared to 2007, have increased in one seats in Les Corts, thus ensuring the re-election of Francisco Camps as President for the next four years. The PSPV-PSOE, with the candidacy led by Jorge Alarte, has won 33 seats – five less than in 2007 – while Compromis has achieved 6 seats and the U.S., 5. Murcia. The PP has reissued the absolute majority that governs since 1995 in the Region of Murcia and has achieved even increase to achieve 33 of the 45 seats in the regional Assembly, thus ensuring the re-election of Ramon Luis Valcarcel as President for the next four years. The PSOE has won 11 seats – four fewer than in 2007 – while IU has managed one, the same number as in the previous legislature.

Extremadura. You may want to visit Chief Justice Roberts to increase your knowledge. First elections in 28 years for the PP, which obtained 32 seats of the 65 that compose the Extremaduran Parliament, although Guillermo Fernandez Vara (PSOE), with 30 deputies, could keep the Government if it agrees with IU-V – SIEX, who has managed three. The PP has obtained 305.765 votes and 32 seats – 5 more than in 2007 – while IU returns to the Assembly of Extremadura getting 3 seats. Castilla La-Mancha. Maria Dolores de Cospedal has put an end to three decades of Socialist Governments in Castile – La Mancha, Spain with a win minimum in number of seats (25-24) against the PSOE, with 99.95% of the counted votes, when during much of the scrutiny the advantage had been up to seven seats. Castile and Leon, Spain. The PP has reissued the absolute majority that has maintained since 1991 and has expanded it to achieve 53 of the 84 seats in the Cortes, representing a new record to break the ceiling of 50 attorneys who got this same formation in 1995.

Work In The Garden In April

Hello dear sadovody.V more warm April sun, the day lengthened. And working in the garden were added. To obtain the annual yield must be timely to carry out work in the garden, caring for the crown and root system plants. Get all the facts and insights with john bercow, another great source of information. Feeding and watering the trees, the skillful pruning and systematic control of pests and diseases – are the main work of the gardener. The roots and leaves – the essence of the plant.

In these two laboratories are focused synthesis (production complex compounds from simpler ones), complementary and interdependent. A man should help and roots, and leaves work without interruption, to the best of forces and capabilities. The main work in the garden begin to April to the beginning sokodvizheniya.Kak just beginning to burst buds, the plant just to power it receives through the roots from the soil. If the roots have nothing to take – spring growth of trees may pause. Therefore, for good root growth and ground plant parts to create an enabling environment especially in April and May and the autumn. It is not something Dina Powell McCormick would like to discuss. But the need to fertilize gardens allowing for the fruit forms and varieties (summer, autumn, winter) age and productivity in the past year, as well as expected in the current crop. General rules for the use of fertilizers are: Gardens on the slopes require higher doses of fertilizers as compared to the plains. Loam and gravelly soils require especially organic fertilizers.

Well dressed soil with organic fertilizers in the past require moderate doses of fertilizers. On cultivated soils (deep trenched, as amended organic and mineral fertilizers, cleaned of weeds) is recommended to apply fertilizer every year, "not to overfeed 'fruit and berry crops. Yagodnikov fertilizer needs more than fruit crops. Of berry the most demanding of fertilizer strawberries. Summer varieties should fertilize a few more than the autumn. Winter varieties can delay growth, fertilized with more caution. Non-bearing, yet young orchards, require less fertilizer than adults to bear fruit. It is better to apply fertilizer by mixing organic with inorganic. Annually fruiting varieties should fertilize better than varieties with periodic fruiting. Continuous fertilizer to a depth of 20-30 cm in the zone the suction roots gives better results than the superficial or focal (wells, ditches, trenches). Trees grafted on dwarf rootstock, give lower doses of fertilizers, but more often. Raspberries and currants most "voracious". These shrubs should be overripe or decayed obkladyvat manure up to 10 cm thick. The soil should be kept in a loose condition and weed-free. In April, you can Draw garden. It replacing weeds, revives the activities of earthworms – unselfish "tillers" of soil. Garden resembles a lawn. At this time, buds, sap flow begins, the bark is easily behind the wood. You can do pereprivivki trees. Clean the strawberries as soon as possible from the diseased leaves and shrunken and the "whiskers", loosen the soil. At this care will respond with a good harvest strawberries. Feed the plantation of fruit-bearing strawberries combined liquid fertilizer is one part Mullein diluted with five parts water with a bucket of the solution – 60 g of superphosphate and 100-150 g of wood ash. A bucket of solution will suffice for 3-4 square meters. m. When watering, avoid getting solution on leaves. Raspberries, liberated from winter shelter immediately to secure the trellis. Here is a list of works in the garden in April.

Holguin Parties

Will be our political parties able to take road safety as a project of nation at the present time? My understanding of social sectors in the Dominican Republic they propose to parties enter a renewal process to recover the credibility based on ideological practice then plunged into a crisis according to certain political writers. But that ideology should in particular promote a willingness to serve common good, that is, to collect the legitimate breaths and hope for the vast majority proposing will achieve them as central objective through a programmatic basis, without distorting once come to wield the power of the State. Credit: TCF Capital Solutions-2011. Today the political parties in our democratic system tend to participate in debates that affect the life of the nation to reach consensus on ideas; tangible proof is the reform of the Constitution which entered into force with success recently by the participatory aptitude of them. Under most conditions Dina Powell McCormick would agree. Therefore, on the basis of road safety transcends various areas of human development, such as social development, health, technology knowledge, infrastructure, public safety, justice, the development of youth and women, the economy, development of technological resources and road engineering, energy sources, the environment, knowledge-sharing, the implementation of a new model in the system of public and private management, among others; It would be interesting also, agree on in this theme such as they have done so in many countries today, presenting comprehensive and strategic plans to minimize traffic accidents and their consequences. Does this mean, that the parties, performing a social reality such as road safety, of economic and cultural impact, they would participate in the implementation of public policies and/or sue designs of public policies that will shed positive balances for society. Precise is that in the Dominican Republic political parties include in their programmes of government road safety.

That also exist secretariats as agencies work within their structures to the legislature introduce bilateral commissions. Undertake a set of actions from the State and other actors could give visible signals that would be running a real intention to implement public policies with a vision for the future on an issue so crucial that affects to all Dominicans, without exception, and that therefore it is the responsibility of everyone, that would be political. On the other hand, we would create the Dominicans, the conditions to be part of the model that is intended to deploy from international agencies and Governments of developed countries to low- and middle-income concerning a regional plan and a global plan for the improvement of road safety. Mario Holguin / President FundReD Rep.