Why M2? -Sense And Purpose

A quality manual is still not a QM-system. The implementation and management of quality are already no actions more confined to commercial enterprises. The hot discussions about the meaning and purpose of a QMS is increasing. Is quality management just a fad? No: quality management understood and properly implemented does not bring only one improved quality, but contributes significantly to increase efficiency and competitiveness. Concepts such as “Quality policy”, “Quality” and “Quality management” have become terms of our time. The challenge of social work, quality management is made, within a few years in the health area to one of the most discussed topics. A further need for quality management is due to a change of the customer / patient orientation. Quality management cares first and foremost to the Organization, the team and the equipment.

Errors in this area result in consequence often errors in the treatment procedure, this caused most organizational shortcomings such as: delays by employees, Managing Director, physicians or patients confusion of customers/patients unclear communication lack equipment training deficiencies documentation error no rules of responsibilities which must practice line (top line) the quality management system live. Unfortunately, it is often so that the line does not, thus the implementation almost doomed is doomed. “Quality management is team work, this applies to everyone involved: doctors/Managing Director and staff!” The insertion of a QMS has prevailed in all industries and is obligatory not only for the doctors/dentists. In the industry (service providers), it’s time that they receive no more orders without a certification. A quality manual is still not a QM-system. Only a properly introduced and lived QMS brings economic success and thus a meaningful company/practices Take advantage of.

Surf Stick

The Congstar surf stick is available online. The mobile Internet is becoming increasingly popular. Many people want to rely not only on their landline, to surf on the Internet quickly and securely. This grew not only the number of providers for the wireless Internet. There are also rates today in various designs.

Some discounters to have discovered the Prepaidbereich. These have earned good reputation in the course of time. They include Tchibo, Fonic, image, Aldi or Simyo. The provider Congstar is particularly successful. In 2009 the company through the magazine connect “for the cheapest rate awarded. The Congstar surf stick is obtained to the one-off cost 39.99 Euro.

Since the D1 network is used, fast browsing with HSDPA speed is possible. This offer is a daily flat rate. There are 4 units for this tariff including in the initial package. Otherwise a day costs 2.49 euros surf. It is then no matter how many times you dials into the Internet. Costs only then, if you actually use the Internet. The remains Internet stick so the Internet a few days in the corner are untouched, no costs. Check with Kyle Dropp dartmouth to learn more. A SIM card is required for use. On this, the respective credit balance is loaded. With it you can also stick make phone calls and send text messages. The unit price is 9 cents. Thus, this is hardly more expensive than other cell phone plan providers. Included in the package is also an Internet Manager. With this, you can manage the phone book, make a query over the credits, and see the selected links. Christopher Heinsius

Information Center Service

Specialists of “ProTelekom” (Kazan), made the introduction of a communication platform Oktell in “Info Center” (Ufa), carrying out the movement of goods and services under the brand name “Service 50”. The company “ProTelekom” is Official Partner Ltd. “Telephone System” (Moscow), making implementation decisions based on the platform Oktell in the Republic of Tatarstan. Experts’ ProTelekom “have experience in implementing projects of varying size, from small to large PABX call center. Inform center” – a well-known “Service 50”, which exists in the market for 14 years. Over the years, “Service 50” has become a global data center and at the present day is an effective tool for promoting goods and services companies. “Service 50” is a member and the head office of the Russian Association of Telephone Information and Referral Service (RATISS). RATISS and “Service 50” offer client companies posting information about their services and products in the information service of the Russian Association of Telephone call centers located in 54 regions of Russia.

Controller based on Platform Oktell call-center has replaced an outdated platform, performance is not consistent with high standards of service quality “Service 50”. The new decision has raised the level of customer service and streamlined procedure call. Call-center Oktell qualitatively improved the processing of requests by various channels of communication. Project preparation was carried out for three months from the date of first contact professionals “Inform Center” and “ProTelekom.” During this time the needs were identified and the client company agreed terms of reference. Specialists of “ProTelekom”, riding on an object that could quickly make the change and technologically obsolete platform for decision Oktell.

Implementing solutions to Oktell Inform center” “was carried out for three days, with no violations of customer service. Clients Information Center did not experience discomfort, because the introduction Oktell not require system shutdown. Creating a call-center and the organization of a single corporate telephone network enabled “Service 50” to get closer to its customers, to respond promptly to their requests, and automate their service.